Monday, February 21, 2011

Good-bye to Louise

Louise has been with us for 6 months and has trained  from  Advanced Openwater Diver to Divemaster and Divemaster  DSD leadership

. During her time with us she has assisted with many course , beach BBQ's, snorkelling trips , childrens training classes and enviromental dives and snorkel trip .

She returns back to the UK with the intent of starting her PhD in Phsycology.......we all wish her well   with her endevours and studies in 2011.  Hopefully we will see her back again some time soon.......... she promised to show her Dad the beautiful Seychelles islands  and he never managed a visit this time round .  Such a good excuse Louise!
Dont get too cold in  10.C England.

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  1. Amazing! Ive only just seen this 'great' photo! Thanks for everything out there you guys. And Im sure I will be returning, Dad keeps asking about it. x