Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whale Shark season begins !!

 Every year  Team members form MCSS and Underwater Centre  have a start of season Bar B Q. to help get to know each other and make friends.So this year went with a big bang as Dr Rowat cooked up the first of several season  big Bar B Q's

MCSS Team members this year stretch from East  to  West including America, Australia , England, Holland, South Africa. ....7 girls  and 5 boys .

Underwater Staff  decides to let their hair down......Senior Staff Tony , Sabrina and '' CORAL HEAD'' Michael  getting in the mood..

Eventually the evening came to a close and  it was time to go home '' Seychelles style ''..............just how many can you get into  4 x 4 pick up?

Pilots have successfully done two flights  with both days encounters registering 10 - 13 whale shark encounters of fish over 8 meters in length ...............it looks as if  2010 will be a good season.

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