Monday, August 23, 2010

Rescue Diver Weekend

IDC Staff Instructor  Tony  loves doing Rescue Courses and enjoys talking lots of photos of the whole weekend training .............and this weekend was no exception .

Divemaster Alex is this victim and is being towed back to shore
Follow the course from  Outdoor Classroom ,  taking Exams,  pre dive preperation and course excersise........its serious fun  but a great course!

Divemaster Jarron  assists with in water  ventilation practice

Divemaster Lee is assisting with the course  and managed to have problems on multiple occassions. It seems Monica  exjoyed the CPR excercises!

 Finally everyone had   individually rescued or assisted in a rescue of  at least two victims.  We need to congratulate all candidates on a great job well done and to all the Divemasters for assisting so well  and in having so many repeated priblems!!!  Well done Divemasters

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