Thursday, April 12, 2018

Wreck diving is popular

We often have a request for  wreck diving and we are lucky to have 4 different wreck sites .
 3 sites are within the Beau Vallon Bay area . These artificial reefs are :
* Twin Barges suitable for all  certification levels  @ 12 - 24 meters
* Dredger wreck @ 27 meters  are  experienced divers  or AOW deep divers
* Aldabaran wreck @ 30 - 40 meters .......definitely experienced deep divers

Aldabaran Wreck


Extra long distance is the  wreck of the ENNERDALE .......a British Tanker that floundered in 1970 when only less than a year old!  She has been in the water a long time ......nearly 50 years  and lies on her right side facing Praslin Island . She is 30 meters on the sand and was 19 meters at the highest point but with age and collapse this is now 20+ meters . We will be able to check this  accurately when we visit on Saturday 14th April with a boat of 10 local divers keen to do this dive .
 Hopefully lots of new photos for you to see
Ennerdale Wreck .....The massive propeller  at the stern end

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