Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Afternoon dive to TWIN BARGES on 16-08-2016

 Today the afternoon dive was quite busy . A request from certified divers was for the wreck of the twin barges .....Open water certified Jessica and Carsten  descended on to the wrecks that slop from 12 meters to 18 meters ( depths  on top of the wreckage .)
View of the  side of the open barge wrecks
Encrusting corals and lots of  Lion Fish are inside the  open wreck 
Other first time divers were able to descend onto a 6 meters reef for their first ever experience with SCUBA . 2 families joined us today : one from Spain and the other from Germany . Both had a great time  and have booked for more dives !!
 Also on board were our snorkel team with snorkel guide  Arnold . They have booked for Thursday's trip to the Bay Ternay Marine  National Park .................so you can tell they had a good time  snorkeling over the Corsaire Reef and Danzille Rocks .

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