Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stormy Day maintenance

During the NW Monsoon sometimes we get a good storm passing through ...especially if there is a cyclone to the south around Madagascar and Mauritius. So if not diving there is always something to do . Today was no exceptions. 1/2 the staff are training in the swimming  pool  to get ready for PADI certification tomorrow and the others are busy doing repair work and maintenance .
Our newest staff members Kevin and Dean are busy giving equipment racks a new coat of paint

 We had a very busy morning today  working on equipment room a, compressor room and outside wash bins
Dive Master Mike and trainee Ro give the wash basin a fresh coat of colour
Last job is repaint the tools board ..Kevin gets as much paint on his hand and on the board!

Skipper Nickmann and Dive master trainee Ro painting walls


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