Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dive to L'Ilot Island 22-04-2012

This morning we did a dive to L'Ilot Island..............a large granitic rock island with encrusting corals and  hanging coral garden.............always great for turtles, schooling fish and rays.  So no dissapointments today!!
Eagle Ray

Hawksbill Turtle

We often find Hawksbill turtle  slowly eating the soft coral  that they love so much. This means that they usually stay still and allow divers to get very close . Do not disturb them or try to touch them and  and it is possible to get the best photos ever
Several  Eagle rays were seen  today all swimming at about 12 meters .  This one made a good display of its spots.

Divers love schooling fish !

Schooling fish are very common here  and alway a delight to every diver .  We will be back to L'Ilot  very soon    as its always a great dive.

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