Monday, June 20, 2011

Visiting Navy during June

 During the first 2 weeks of June we have had 2 visiting Navy ships:  the VASCO DA GAMA from Portugal and the HMS Monmouth for UK .

Portuguese Navy
HMS Monmouth
During these visits  we select a mixture of wreck sites that are now good artificial reefs , Seychelles granitic rocks and Marine Park protected  areas .  This  visit HMS Monmouth were interested in helping out with any underwater  conservation work   so we put our heads together with MCSS and came up with a search and recovery for 3 of the  VR2  tracking / listening stations . This new project has already shown some vast movements of tagged species  around our waters . After diving to 30 meters it was followed with a ''Thank You '' dive at Grouper point.......with white tip sharks and rays seen !!

HMS Monmouth, MCSS and Underwater Centre staff


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