Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sharkbanks- beautiful!

Don't you just love the Seychelles.

Recently I spent two weeks diving around Mahe the main island of Seychelles, and was fortunate to find the BEST diveshop on island.
With friendly staff, big boats and calm seas, it was time to spend some bubble time.

First dive of the day, Sharkbanks, with a name like that you expect something special, and it didn't disappoint.  A 30 mt dive, and warm waters, we were met at the bottom by a couple of very large marble rays, neither seemed too concerned with us, and just cruised on by, and of course a very large Nurse Shark, just doing her thing.

The yellow striped snapper hung off the top of the rocks schooling, and just above was a big school of Barracuda.  The odd thing with Barracuda, is you never really see them move, but they are always there just out of site, I especially liked the one who had a huge hook still lodged in his mouth.

We spent a lot of time poking around looking under the rocks, so much to see, I found a beautiful turtle having a wee sleep, and the biggest lobster.


The corals here are really special, and very colourful, with lots of reef fish shilling out, though everything seems a little bigger at this depth.

At the end of the dive, during our safety stop, a huge school of Jacks came through, there were so many they seemed to go on for ever.  Thank you Tony, a wonderful dive!

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