Sunday, October 3, 2010

Congratulations to all our September students

Bon Plonge and well done to all our  September graduates :

Scuba Diver: Buddy Kuzen,

Open Water Diver: Klaus Fritzsche,Isaac Lengerich, Andrew Whitehead, Borger Oestby, Per Spigseth, Andrew Wolinsky, Mark Bol, Vanessa Scott, Robert Heiderer, Rosanna Gawthrop, Monica Raschle.

Advanced Openwater Diver : Ryan Morse, Leonie Becker, Issac Lengerich, Michael Wolinsky,

Emergency First Responder: Louise Jenkins ,

Rescue Diver:   Louise Jenkins, David, Priddis,

Deep Diver : Robert Vening,

Enriched Air NITROX: Robert Vening,  Isaac Lengerich,

Drift Diver: Patrick Schmoll, Katharina Tataruch,

Delayed SMB:  Partick Schmoll, Katharina Tataruch

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