Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bay Ternay Marine National Park..........such a great dive and snorkel destination!

A 20 minute boat ride along the coastal waterway  from the Underwater Centre will bring you to this large protected bay surrounded by granitic rocks and palm trees.   The water is calm  and current free and is ideal for snorkelling and diving  excursions .

Passangers onboard ''Reef Diver ''

The reef is edged  with white sand and student  divers  can safely stay in the shallow  sloping coral section of  6   to  10 meters   before dropping down the ''wall '' of coral  to 18 meters were they may meet the other certified divers  There is always lots to see  as soon as you get into the water are surrounded immediately  by sargeant majors and pygmy batfish  soon to be followed by the large batfish !!  This is a Marine Park  protected area and home to several hawksbill and green turtles .  How do you tell the difference.......???  just look at the  shape of the beak. Long and very pointed is the Hawksbill ( just like the parrot) round and smooth edged is the Green.

Trips here are scheduled on a regular basis so just ask at the Dive Centre reception desk  when you come to visit us 

Healthy corals  are seen everywere  with small green  chromis darting in and out ,  bat fish  follow you around for most of the dive  and you have to look twice at the needle fish which  are always there.   Its such  a great dive  you have to come see it for yourself!

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