Monday, October 12, 2009

Dan's back in Seychelles after Seven years!!!!!

It's always lovely to catchup with old friends!!!.
Dan who worked with us on "Indian Ocean Explorer" as a Dive Instuctor/ Dive Leader, is back! 

Currently Dan is a Traffic Officer with the Surry Police in the UK, but is here to shoot photos of fish and turtles rather than the odd speeding baddy on the very busy roads back home, a much more peaceful pass time for all concerned!!
With a week of his holiday to go Dan says " So much has changed, but the diving is still just as fantastic as before!"

He really has enjoyed spending time with the Dive Seychelles dive team, some of which he used to work with, and revisiting some of his most stunning favourite dive sites in the world. Grouper Point never fails to please with a large resident reef shark population come to check out the divers... wow!!!
Baie Turnay Marine Park, lived up to it's reputation of the wide varities of stunning hard and soft corals, and a real surprise was a long swim with a very friendly Green Turtle. It's nice to know you can still find these special guys still around the main island.

Shark Bank Was amazing, crystal clear waters at 30 mts, a huge school of Barracuda, circling above the resident school of Yellow Stripped Snapper doing their thing, and of course sharks!!!, with a couple of rather large White Tip Reef Sharks having a sleep under a large granite ledge, and four Fantail Rays, just cruising around chilling out! 

And to top it off we almost ran over a Whale Shark on the way back to the beach, so it was time to get back in the water and snorkel with a young 3.5mt female shark.... what a morning!!!

So we look forward to hearing more from Dan before he heads back to chilly UK.

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