Monday, October 3, 2016

Geoffrey and Wendy complete lots of dives in 6 days

Last month has been an exceptional period  with  dedicated divers doing 3 dives daily during their stay. This time it is Geoffrey and Wendy that we wish to thank for completing 34 dives in just 6 days including a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course ,
Wendy and Geoffrey on their last dive day 

Thanks to Google Translate we were able to get the  Chinese letters......both of the guys speak Chinese  

Happy divers and Underwater Center crew Buddy  Dieter 
Drawing a PANDA should have been easy enough and white  and very cuddly but exactly where are the black and white marks ???  Not as easy as you think .....try it! Joanna did this Panda for us and it is great! Dylan did the lettering ( it seems he spent his youth in Honk Kong  so the  flow of the lettering worked very well)

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