Monday, August 22, 2016

Check out our COOL Post Office in Victoria

Our post office deserves an award for the most interesting burglar window bars ever ........With an island and underwater theme I am naturally very bias but they are gorgeous and I would give them house room if needed!! There are 4 windows and each one is different. I particularly like the ones with the turtles ....VERY cool!
This one is my favorite

This one is also my favorite!!!!

Recognize any fish species?

Great fun with anti  burglary window bars
Also cool outside the Post Office are the bronze statues life like you regularly say ' HI' or 'OOps sorry '
Giant Aldebaran Tortoise

Giant Co Co de Mer nut

Local man playing the Moutia  drum. Note the windows behind

Repair of Dive Centre vehicles continues

A very big problem with having Dive Centre vehicles is the immediate location to the beach , salt air and salt gets everywhere. Naturally this causes rust to spring up all over and needs regular attention to keep it in check  . This year has been the BIG year for  major work  on both vehicles and boats ......not just the annual repairs and maintenance
Our 15 passenger seat bus is used regularly during the NW trade wind season  and for hotel pick up services

The Black grills are getting painted white  and every scratch removed !!   
To date she has had replacement seats and is in the paint laboratory for a complete spray job. 
Check out the Green 4 x 4 after her paint job below
S 7733 .Always look for the DIVE SEYCHELLES - UNDERWATER CENTRE  logo   

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Views of old Victoria

Most divers take a day or two off and go visit Victoria and tour around Mahe Island or Praslin  or  La Digue.
 So in Victoria it is possible to see much of the old and new  town.. Look out for :
Corner of Market Street

Local shops 

Clock Tower in central Victoria

Statue of Queen Victoria from 1901 outside old Court House

Queen Victoria Statue

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Afternoon dive to TWIN BARGES on 16-08-2016

 Today the afternoon dive was quite busy . A request from certified divers was for the wreck of the twin barges .....Open water certified Jessica and Carsten  descended on to the wrecks that slop from 12 meters to 18 meters ( depths  on top of the wreckage .)
View of the  side of the open barge wrecks
Encrusting corals and lots of  Lion Fish are inside the  open wreck 
Other first time divers were able to descend onto a 6 meters reef for their first ever experience with SCUBA . 2 families joined us today : one from Spain and the other from Germany . Both had a great time  and have booked for more dives !!
 Also on board were our snorkel team with snorkel guide  Arnold . They have booked for Thursday's trip to the Bay Ternay Marine  National Park you can tell they had a good time  snorkeling over the Corsaire Reef and Danzille Rocks .

Another good day of diving and snorkeling

Today has been a good day with  both divers and snorkelers on both boat departures .
 Snorkelers can choose OPTION A  .4 hours in the morning  with 2 different sites @ euro 40 or
OPTION B an afternoon trip with only one site @ euro 25
Today we went to the Bay Ternay Marne Park and Park Bluff
Bat Ternay Marine National Park .....a great dive or snorkel site 

Another pair of fantastic sunglasses !!!!

I had previously shown you a set of sunglasses that were amazing.............. .but have a look at these. The shinny bling is amazing  with the winged Bug and  Butterfly

Fantastic set of new sunglasses 

Bling with winged bug
Bling sunglasses with butterfly

Previous amazing sunglasses with flower decoration

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A busy weekend at the Dive Centre

Aaron graduates to Advanced Open Water diver course
Lots of students and certified divers this weekend
certified diver checking equipment before the dive .Rescue course underway!
Rescue Diver Skills

Lots of Introductory  to SCUBA courses with boat dive
Rescue Course on Final day of water skills learning 
Open Water course  theory session
Open Water class final dives