Friday, March 16, 2018

Let's look down on our dive sites

 During the  Whale Shark  research monitoring season  we used out micro lite aircraft daily and managed to get some rather nice Ariel  photos of Mahe coastline and some dive and snorkel  sites
Sunset Beach Hotel

Bay aux Chagrain  ( Willy's Bay)

Conception Island  ...south point

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scenic views of Victoria's Post Office

 Just next to the clock tower is the Seychelles Post Office . a wondrous place of statues and ornamental window security bars
The famous clock tower

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Happy 18th Birthday for Earon

We have a work attachment student from Seychelles Maritime Academy  called Earon who has turned 18 years old today .!! ..........a big  birthday.  So a quick birthday breakfast of sweet  breads made at the local good you cant stop at just 1
Happy birthday Earon ....  bottom right 

2017 certificate of excellence from TRIP ADVISOR

The staff are thrilled to get the 2017  Certificate of Excellence  from Trip Advisor . They work hard and have good customer relations
The Happy  Underwater Centre Team!

Monday, March 12, 2018

New divers sign in at the Dive Centre

Every few days we get new divers signing in fr our boat dive trips. Today it was the turn of  Wolfgang and Annette  . Initially we thought maybe a medium sized BCD.  but it turned out  that a large was needed . See Generio helping Wolfgang to check out BCD sizes
Generio - skipper and rescue diver  with Wolfgang and Annette
They have booked the morning  2 dive site trip  for Wednesday 14th March

Sunday, March 11, 2018

New look for the Underwater Centre

Well the boys have completed the  painting of doors , shutters and the  inside walls .........the dive center looks fresh and bright again!
Michael in painting  action

The new look

Reception is open 

Diving Sunday morning 11-03-2018

Today was a beautiful day... .clam seas and blue skies .just the way we like it
Both senior staff  were on board ....Tony and Michael  as well as Darious completing the French  OW course for  Gauthier .
Loading the morning boat

Today's dive sites
Sharks , rays , turtles ...wonderful!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

We love our marine life

We are so very fortunate to have a massive amount of fish life in our waters  so take a look at a few images below:
White mouth moray ell

carpet anemone with cleaner shrimp

Hermit crab in his new house!

Barbel ells


Goby  on whip corals

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday morning 7th March 2018

We had a boat dive with 9am check in and 09.30m boat departure to 2 different sites this morning.
Sabrina got bust with the Dive Site plan and description
Sabrina starting the dive site maps 
Once competed it is a bit easier for divers to visualize the actual dive sites
Dive 1 Conception Island  south point ...........a long distance site. Dive 2 is Matoopa point 
Both dives had shark and lots of fish and good viability so everyone was happy.
Just before departure we had a lot of activity on the beach due to local fishermen setting out nest and hauling them in with their  fish catch
Beach activity due  to local fishermen 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pool training and afternoon boat dives

The program for  non certified dives and those that may have a certification but have not dived for a while is very popular.
 A simple overview of basic SCUBA theory, a practical session to explain all the gear .how it works and what all the bits are for  followed by a pool training session in the BERJAYA hotel pool in the morning
 Once everyone is feeling comfortable they are then booked onto the afternoon boat dive
Darius and the 3 boys complete their pool session and look forward to the boat dive

Crazey February is over

We were expecting a quiet February and a build up for Easter  but it was not to be .   February turned out to be the busiest ever on record time for photos or blog!! sorry .
 March has started slowly so several staff are on well deserved rest days off work ..but the rest keep busy.   The latest batch of tanks  for Hydro static testing are currently with Seychelles Bureau of Standards ......... should keep us good till June when the  next load are due. Just tank valve servicing  to do now .as well as checking equipment and painting and  decoration 
Darius checking BCD low power inflation systems are working correctly 
Mike seems happy to be painting              

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lots to do

We continue with the pre Easter rush following mid term school holidays in Europe . Lots of divers and snorkelers on each boat trip
AOW courses for Francois and Teesha have been completed . Both are doing coral research and monitoring on Silhouette Island.
Teesha is from Mauritius

Francois is from Belgium
We have also had the family of 5  from the Netherlands doing their OW e learning completion courses . Meet Dirk J, Dirk T Alli, Wouter and Didiem
Dirk J, Didiem, Dirk T , Wouter, Alli     
4 happy DSD students following the pool training and ready for a boat dive
Add 4 Introduction to SCUBA ( DSD)  courses and shallow water afternoon boat dive to the day and it is again busy time for all the staff

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Very busy at the Dive Centre

It is mid term school break and there are lots  of divers and snorkelers  around with  their  holidaying family and kids.
Today's dives boats went :
Boat  1) Ennedale Wreck  and Brissiare rocks .....special request
Boat 2)  L'Ilot Island and Scala reef
Afternoon boat went to :
 Boat  3)  Coral Gardens Reef
dive boat underway with twin outboard engines

Seychelles National Flag

Boats back at the beach

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Enriched Air NItrox course under way

Enriched Air ( NITROX)  is  a very popular way to go diving and we have done 2 courses this week .
It is a DRY course with theory and a lot of mathematics !! 

Maintenance never stops

There is always some maintenance to do at the Dive Center . At the moment is is repairing the  equipment drying racks .  Being made of metal  there is always some rust patches that need a bit of TLC .  See George our handy man  and his assistant getting to grips with one of three racks . He will grind away all rust areas, paint anti rust paint and a strong top coat  and bring them back looking like new .
Off to the work shop 

Sabrina takes the dive out

It is getting busier at the Dive Center with the morning boat trip  booking fast . Weather is improving so the boat is now able to come to the beach outside the Dive Center
Instructor Sabrina takes the morning dive boat out at 09.30

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some underwater photos

We have a great variety of marine life . See some photos below

yellow snapper
Big Eye
puffer fish
Zebra Morey ell

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Grouper Point and Bay Ternay Marine Natonal Park today

The day stated sunny and hot! One boat went to Grouper Point .....lost s of granitic stones  and then onto Bay Ternay Marine National  Park
Grouper Point form the boat anchor position

Grouper pint on the left and Bay Ternay in the middle
The second boat went to Shark Bank and  Beau Vallon Reef . Good dives had by everyone

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day at the Dive Centre

Reception had a few Happy Valentines Day messages for all the guests  as they came to sign in and make payments
Welcome to the Dive Centre

Thanks for making your payment or VIsa/ Master card work well
The sea conditions were so good today that 1 boat went to long distance dive sites Dragon's Teeth and Brissiare rocks . The other boat was requested to visit Bay Ternay Marine Park for snorkeling
Today's dive sites

Happy Divers return from the long distance dive sites

Dive Guide Generio looking 'cool'