Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Todays dive sites 03-08-2016

Today we had 3 dives. 2 in the morning 9am till 12.30 pm and 1 in the afternoon 2.30 pm - 4pm
daily dive plan
We like to mix up the different dives so started with a granitic rock site with lots of encrusting corals. First dive is the deepest of the day getting shallower as the day progresses . GROUPER POINT  is on the south edge of the NW Bay and so many pelagic fish are often seen.
Next came the coral reef  site of SCALA  before returning back to the Dive Centre .
 After lunch break the boat goes out again and this time to the Aquarium site so called because of the large numbers of reef fish seen here. ...Great dive!!

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