Sunday, March 22, 2015

Picture the 3 islands viewed from the Dive Centre

Having a Dive Centre directly on the beach means that we get to look out over the sea every day.........and just out
Shilouette Isalnd
side  on the horizon there are 3 islands :

The biggest is Shillouette Island were you can stay in the Labriz Hilton Hotel and Spa. The hotel ferry takes about 35 minutes to cross from Mahe . The Island is owned by Seychelles Island Development .

North Island

Just next door is North Island made famous by the
glamorous people that stay there...most notable lately being Prince William and his new wife Kate  during their honeymoon . Private island and hotel guests only.

L'Ilot Island

Last island out in the bay is L'Ilot Island to the north of Mahe. This is a regular short distance boat dive. with the rocks going down to 18 suitable for both Openwater and Advanced divers .
The trip takes only about 15 minutes with our fast boats . Due to its position  there can sometimes be current between the island and the main land to the right of the picture ....but this is were you find the fan corals  .

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