Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aldabaran wreck chosen as best dive for Qatar Dive Club

Divers from the Qatar Dive Club arrived to sample lots of Seychelles  Dive sites and chose Aldabaran Wreck, Shark Bank and Brissaire as their favourite three.  In one week Brain did 20 dives , followed closely by Stewart and  Mark with 16 and 14 dives each . We do offer three dives a day with 2 each morning and 1 each afternoon  and with a night dive included  the numbers soon mounted up.

The Aldabaran Wreck is an artificial reef sunk only 14 months ago  but the  marine life and coral crowth is  now  quite wonderful.
                                                                    This wreck is certainly our deepest dive site with the tops of the mast at 28 meters and the sandy bottom at 41 meters  so it is for experienced divers only who have good air consumption and use dive computers.

We like to use this site as the deepest  dive of the PADI deep diver specialty   as it is close to shore , often without current  and an ideally focused site .

We can also extend bottom times by running a 28% NITROX mix  keeping us within     our 1.4 oxygen  limits.

Shoals of bat fish, fusiliers   and many small grey peppered morey ells  can be seen  immediately  you reach the wreck.

White Gorgonian fan coral  has taken over the  mast and rails and as an artificial dive site it is doing extremely well!    


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