Sunday, January 31, 2010

Diving is for Everyone!

Meet Paulo
PADI Seal Team Scuba Diver

Paulo and his family are currently living in Seychelles aboard their yacht, as they slowly cruise the world.  Whilst here his Mum thought it important for the kids to learn to dive, what a life! and such an amazing life changing experience.

Paulo is the most excited new diver I have ever met!  this boy shows no fear, and loves being underwater.  He has learnt all his hand signals, and is able to complete his underwater exercises with confidence, it was a case of keeping up with Paulo.

Diving is a sport for all, and the level of confidence young people gain for this experience is second to none, at Paulo's age he learns to dive in the pool.  

The dive course Paulo is completing is called "PADI Seal Team", and is specifically design for children, it's core goal is to introduce Scuba Diving in a safe confined water environment, with very closely supervised instruction.

The course covers all the PADI requirements of Scuba diving, introducing the kids to the underwater environment, focusing on safety first.  With in this course we cover,Basic Scuba Diving Skills, underwater fun and games.

Paulo wants to learn everything he can, so we will also cover- Underwater Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Creature ID, Environmental Specialist, Inner Space Specialist, Navigation, Night , Safety, Search and Recovery, Skin Diver, and Wreck Specialist. 

On completion Paulo will be a PADI Master Seal.

If you want more information regarding PADI Seal Team, for kids or any other PADI diving courses please don't hesitate to contact us.

Glynis Sanders
Underwater Centre
Ph: 00248 345 445

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